It is my goal to fight for affordable healthcare that is market driven with interstate competition, government oversight of drug prices, and limits on malpractice judgments. I support Medicaid for citizens who cannot help themselves including children and adults who are unable to work while providing relief to those suffering from pre-existing conditions. Health Savings Accounts are essential to help working adults afford the healthcare that best fits their needs. 


American business deserves the freedom to invest in capital and to be nimble in starting new business and growing established enterprises. This objective requires lower taxes and balanced regulation that protects the consumer and the employee without shackling the entrepreneurs and small business people. With taxes and regulation reformed, businesses, worldwide will be interested in moving to a business friendly United States – that will be our new opportunity. 


In the 2018 election the citizens of Connecticut will establish a mandate for a new government replacing the failed experiment of the past decade. With new leadership in Hartford I will be a new type of partner in D.C. focused on complementing the policies from the new administration in our state capital. The exodus of businesses will stop as a new vision is embraced and we can begin attracting new enterprises to consider the great resources of this state. It will be with these conditions that I can help recruit new business to Connecticut, leveraging my role as a U.S. Senator, and applying my skills and experience in developing business. I am Connecticut’s number one fan and I will become Connecticut’s number one sales person.


America is the greatest superpower in the world and it is our obligation to lead in the defense of freedom and to manage threats to our security wherever they materialize. A strong, flexible military not only deters our enemies but strengthens the negotiation position of our State department. Diplomacy is much more effective when a US Carrier group is patrolling the waters near our enemies. Peace through strength.


The career politician represents a two-edged sword for American Politics. On one hand, we take comfort in the accumulation of legislative experience and acquisition of battled tested skills that come from committee deliberations, debate on the floor, and years of interaction with constituents. Yet, we are repelled at the thought of the ‘swamp’ that permeates Washington D.C. A swamp that comes from years of groupthink, ideology seep, and the survival mode that comes from needing to be re-elected. We see many examples of ineffective politicians persisting in their elected position because their constituents either vote on ideology, and not on competence, or they don’t vote out of apathy – I’m not sure which is worse. It is time for term limits and a return to the idea our founding fathers envisioned whereby our nation is led by qualified, reasonable citizens who serve and return to the private sector. I’m pretty sure Thomas Jefferson and James Madison never considered the career politician as the best option for America’s leadership. My promise is to call for term limits for congress, I will lead by example and plan to only run for two terms. 


Being an American is a privilege, not a right. Dominic believes we must secure the border, eject the criminals, stop chain migration and visa lotteries and design a merit based immigration system which fulfills our needs as a country.


It makes sense to reduce the carbon footprint of our society, regardless of what you believe about climate change. This must be done by vesting all citizens in the mission to reduce carbon emissions but without the punitive polices of the past. We can reduce carbon emissions with a market driven approach that does not punish businesses, workers or handicap our economy. Instead, we can use a ‘carrot’ instead of a stick to reward businesses that comply with carbon emission standards without trying to pick the winners and losers. In the end, our nation, and the world, will win when we all join in. 


The world economy is full of change with automations, machine learning, the advent of driverless cars, and a not so distant future that includes robots of all varieties – all examples of technology that will forever change our workforce and the skills required to be competitive. While we cannot predict the nature of change, change is certain. As a nation, we must prepare or children – our future workforce. A commitment to preparation requires an exceptional education experience for our youth. Exceptional education begins with a commitment to keep the child at the center of all our policies, it means curriculums must focus on fundamentals and emphasize the difficult STEM disciplines. Let the states and the teachers decide the best course of action and let’s not burden the educators with dictates like Common Core. Above all else, parents should have the choice to educate their children as they see fit and not be limited to their zip code. School choice will empower parents, keep children at the center of the conversation and encourage competition between educational institutions.


Remember, without our veterans America would be less free, and maybe not here at all. Veterans deserve our thanks and we must be continually vigilant to ensure their continued care and dignity. The Veterans Hospitals are full of talented healthcare professionals operating in the quagmire of government bureaucracy. To improve healthcare for our veterans we must look to gradually remove government from the equation and replace government administered programs with private sector options. My design points for Veteran Healthcare include great care providers, flexible choices, and portability of care for Veterans.


As we defeat ISIS and diminish their Caliphate, they have begun to disperse like insects with the lights on. Their decentralized network is spreading throughout the world as evidenced by the attacks in Europe, the Middle East – including Iran, and here at home in the U.S. Radical Islamic operatives from ISIS and Al Quaeda are infiltrating Western communities and either radicalizing young people and inspiring them to acts of terror, or as trained operatives, they execute attacks themselves. To be clear, this is an unconventional opponent and it will require an equally asymmetrical response. America, and our allies, must lead a combined arms approach that includes conventional military doctrine, domestic law enforcement, cyber task forces, and embedded foreign intelligence. Terrorists cannot be appeased; they can only be destroyed.

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