Pragmatism Before Ideology

Find the practical solutions to the problems before us instead of being limited to party philosophy and groupthink. Put Connecticut before politics.


The defining principle of a conservative is freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom from undue interference by government and freedom to be personally responsible for our lives.

All Ideas Matter

Embrace opposition and consider all points of view with respect and be unafraid to consider new ideas and to enter into respectful debate. This is also known as listening.

Do Good, Not What Feels Good

Every solution must be measured by the good it accomplishes and not by how good it makes us feel. Money in a tin cup makes us feel good, but finding sustainable funding to relieve homelessness achieves something meaningful.

Less is More

Sometime the most powerful and courageous word for a leader is the word ‘No’. We must always be prepared to say no to the regulations, legislations, or funding requests that fail to provide clear changes or benefits to Connecticut or our nation.

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