My name is Dominic Rapini. I am an American optimist, a principled conservative and a businessman. I am also a fighter for election integrity – someone who rolls up his sleeves and puts in the hard work to understand how to make Connecticut elections more trustworthy and transparent.

I have the skills and insight necessary to bring Connecticut’s elections to new levels of trust and efficiency. My goal is to create a system of elections that will be the gold standard of the American Electoral process. To accomplish this I will focus on the following principles.

Leadership:  In my 35 years of business I learned to core value of listening to my customers. To be an effective leader I will treat our election officials and business leaders as customers. They will tell me what is important.

Innovation:  My skill sets acquired during my career in Silicon Valley empowers me to identify the technological tools that can improve access to the ballot while ensuring the security of the vote. I have a vision for the election infrastructure of our state that will help us reach our goals of accessibility and integrity.

Trust:  Rasmussen Polling reveals that 90% of American voters are concerned about election integrity. Connecticut cities like Bridgeport continue to remind voters that any amount of fraud undermines trust in our elections. When people trust the system, people turn out to vote.

I have a role to play in the future of Connecticut’s elections. I can lead Connecticut’s election infrastructure to new heights of accessibility and integrity.

It is my privilege to present myself, Dominic Rapini, as your candidate for Secretary of The State. It is my pledge to ensure Safe and Secure Elections for Everyone.

An investment in my campaign is an investment in the future of Connecticut’s elections.

Under CT state law, your maximum investment is limited to $270 but your spouse can contribute as well, and children between the ages of 13 to 17 can each give $30.

Thank you for your support!



Dominic has been very involved in protecting Election Integrity.  Most recently, he was appointed to the State of Connecticut’s Risk-Limiting Audit Working Group, which is examining the audit processes necessary to verify the accuracy of elections.  Read more about his work here.

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